Monday, 29 June 2009


Ran the Edinburgh Race for Life 10K yesterday. I hadn't really trained for it, so did power walk a chunk. Good fun, misty, foggy, yuk day, which is perfect for getting hot and sweaty, as it keeps you cooler. Legs lickle bit sore today though....that'll teach me! Back to Hat's for a shower and lunch - she also ran, and breezed through, as she HAD trained! Cutting and sewing a load of bunting for a July event, and also working on orders and getting ready for the Grassmarket this Sunday. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


It's so fabulous to get decent weather -  we can never depend on it in this part of the world. Sports day at school was a scorcher-amazing. Tonight, whilst I had a free hour - boys at school play and scout sausage/sizzle/walk, finished "Charlie", doodle for a local client. Sky ominous again, beautiful day, but that weird "haaar", that seems to sit on us at night and clear at midday the next day.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Midsummer Night

Crazy bonkers day. G's 8th birthday party, a house full of kids and bowling. I could have done without the 6am "can I open my presents now?" alarm call...knackered! 2 new members of the family, Minstrel the dwarf lop bunny (very cute) - G's birthday present. Wonder how long the cleaning and caring will last?? S then found a toad in the garden..."Newton", who is in huge bucket in the garden and being given the biggest selection of bugs they can find! All happy. Went to an outdoor Midsummer Night's dream production at the Dundee Botanical Gardens. Freezing and windy! Good night, but would have been nicer if I could have felt my feet and fingers! Flaming June.....!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Juney June

Another month seems to have skipped busy, and diverse. Seems to be a constant whirl of school, boys, tennis, sewing, dog-walking and all the usual stuff! Fab times away with old friends, this is the year for weddings and 40th birthdays. A new tattoo, stock for shows coming up in the summer &  a 40th pressie for one of my oldest friends.