Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Olympic excitement

We had a great trip to see the Olympic torch and soak up the excitement that it's journey is generating. The kids got to come out of school early, then we travelled to Newburgh to see it's passing. It was a warm, busy and buzzing afternoon. So much fun for all who were there.
There is an annual scarecrow competition that takes place in the village, so trying to spot the characters hanging out of windows, from lampposts, sitting on benches added to the fun.
Life seems to get frantically busy before the long summer break, which is very soon upon us.....

Thursday, 14 June 2012

We're back!

Well we decided to keep blogging....not going to catch up from Feb though...silly! The LucyMoose blog is still live and humming along, this is more general Moose musings!

We have just been to Cornwall for a week...the weather wasn't brilliant, but we had a couple of days at the beach. A lovely chilled week, exploring. The Eden Project & the Tate St Ives were pretty high on the list and didn't fail to impress. Back home to doodling and school.