Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Busy month...lots of travelling, lots of fun. Went to Kids Modern in Dulwich, which was great, quiet, as it was a super sunny day, and every self respecting Londoner was giving it large in the park...but glad I went. Bright and shiny day and spent it with my fab friends from Winters Moon, who have the most AMAZING retro products (see above!). Usual chaos in the studio with orders and stuff going out...crazy balloon guy who travelled south. And, just to add to the chaos, I have a new member to the Moose clan...young Piper...who I think will run rings round all of us!! 

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Crazy week

I have a week free in the Easter holidays...unheard of! Trying to really focus and work on upcoming shows and not just whirl in circles wondering why it's soo quiet. Been having the odd "I want to come home" phone call, but the boys have been to the zoo, The Natural History Museum, on an Easter Egg hunt....lucky things. Anyway, I'm getting stuff ready for Kids Modern and a prelim meeting this weekend for an exhibition later in the year (very exciting...). Had a FAB weekend in New York 2 weekends ago with a good friend....just a few days away with BA. Was hoping to get stranded...but being served tea by the pilots was as exciting as the flights got (and back to back movies!). I love that city so much, and could live there in a minute, but not with little ones at the moment. We went to the Tim Burton exhibition at MOMA, which we went round twice it was SO busy...but fantastic. The guy is totally nuts and a genius..a real hero of mine. We walked miles at the weekend...saw loads, including Macy's flower festival (hence bunny pic), and, met with a friend from Washington. Good time had by all.
Then back to the UK.....and nuts hail, sleet, snow and brrrrgh. Easter?? Straight back to work...like I'd never been away. Oh, and thanks yesterday to Yahoo France for the mention. Knew nothing about it, but the website went nuts for a while!