Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The mysterious case of the midnight sun..well almost

These long balmy evenings have been so amazing...even up here in the wilds of Scotland. Crazy going to bed, when it looks like you should be getting up outside...or was I just horribly late?? Anyway, trundled off to Kirkcaldy at the weekend, dragged small boys with me, and it was a fabulously sunny day, lovely location, amazing exhibitors and tea, scones, fashion show, balloons, juggler, small giraffe and general mayhem. Not many punters through the door, which was a massive shame and quite frankly their loss...but a good day had by all. The small terrrier beast still causing mayhem, but we love her, despite her excitement towards anything mobile and noisy (including small boys). The rain came today, so I s'pose that's us back to the usual Scottish summer...at least it'll all be green and 20 foot tall in the garden! Doodles still trotting out the door...some exciting proposals & possible jobs coming through at the moment, which is VEEERY delumptious. The doodles seem to be breeding everytime I turn my back there is another one..must be the rain....

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day!

I'm not Canadian, but I've had a lot of press there...so Happy Canada day guys! Really, it's appalling, I haven't posted a bean since April...slacker....well, not really, just manic and blogging seems to drop off the spectrum sometimes when you are living life!! BUT, things are fab here at Moose Towers. We had a FABULOUS Open Studios in May. Seems an age away, and onto planning the next-aaargh! Loads of press, through Kilgraston School's  "Habit" magazine, Sew Hip (issue 17), The Green Parent (june/july), Prima (July) and . More press and weblinks up and coming. The weather has been amazing, thankyou, after such a COLD winter, so lots of barbecues, walks and just sitting in the sun. The crazy puppy a real sunworshipper and so happy when crashed on your lap in the sun snoozing. Everyone happy and looking tanned, healthy and happy. School holidays start tomorrow....7 weeks. My wee boy going up to secondary school in August (still can't get my head round the early summer)....and needing to revamp the house totally!