Sunday, 30 October 2011

October news

Just quickly before our big exciting news tomorrow.....
It's been a busy month and things are really hotting up for Christmas, orders steadily coming in, this will getting more and more manic as we move into November.
Anyway, we were really excited to take part in Cupar Arts Festival with a window of LucyMoose madness in the Maisie and Mac gallery. There was an exhibition in the gallery based on drawing, including the work of Clare Knox Bentham too, who does huge crazy drawings in glue......

We have had some lovely sunny days and getting out with the boys and dogs in the holidays was good fun, if cold! We are all a bit Halloween mad in this house, so we have had carved pumpkins on the go for a week now....we are on the second round! Also soup, curry, roasted seeds, pie etc etc!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sunny September

Well it's been nothing but rubbish weather most of this summer, but I think we have been saved at the very end by a few days of glorious weather. We have had the usual weird mix of orders this summer and we are now working towards The Cupar Arts Festival, which will be installed the first week in October. (Pictures and blogging to follow)
The Cool it Schools has been officially launched and is being rolled out across schools around the country. My son's school is also taking part, which will be fun, as there are so many projects to get involved in, including doodle stuffing.
We are doing a competition tie in with Know magazine, design a doodle and you get it made up, for FREE! If you are in the Warwickshire district, this is for you.
The fantastic US website Inhabitots did a great piece on us, as did Creative Boom, lots of lovely studio shots from Moose Towers.

And finally for now, the lovely Jacqueline Gold voted for StuffyourDoodles as one of her favourite Twitter #WOW businesses at the beginning of September.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Another fantastic month for great press and mentions all over the place. In no consecutive order: LilsnobCoolmompics, London Property Makeover and Stylus.

We have also have a fantastic tie in with Cool it Schools which will be going out mid Sept. More news as it comes. Lots going on, all very exciting and keeping us all sooper busy at Moose Towers.

The website will be getting an awesome re-launch in the next few weeks, which we are beyond excited about.....

...and some random puffins!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Summer holidays

Well we had a lovely summer break, all a dim and distant memory now. The kids are back at school, life is back to normal, and the weather is well, weather. We made the long journey south and did a lot of touristy typical holiday stuff....Brighton Pier - rollercoasters, ghost trains and toffee apples. London - festivals, exhibitions and the madness of the West End. We managed to see some lovely old friends and catch up over the odd refreshment or two. The boys had a ball and the weather was hot, so they got to swim lots and play outside with their chums. Looking forward to the Autumn and all it has to bring.

Monday, 25 July 2011


The Moose will be away for a couple of weeks. We will be occasionally checking mails. Normal hoof service will resume August 8th....

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Still rainy July

Well thank goodness for rainy day goodies...we have a house brimming with paper monsters....
Another happy customer in Belgium...the lovely Theo with his dragon
Lots more press in the offing....can't say just yet....
Fabulous new jewellery from Dominic Jones and Rick Owens

Moose is moving with (Re)Design , an ongoing exhibition "Doing it for the Kids", this summer in Kingston

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rainy July

Well another age since my last post. I am going to start posting more regularly (famous last words!). Life at Moose Towers still sooper we have moved house twice in the year, an experience not to be repeated for a while :(
I travelled south to see friends in the Cotswolds over from the States (no we weren't at THAT wedding) which was great for a few days' respite. The weather was lovely and we just bumbled round the countryside for a bit.
I have still been having amazing press, which is fab and keeps us all busy here. The latest being the August issue (beginning of July? they get earlier and earlier) of Elle Decoration. Which is massively exciting.
Weirdly Christmas orders will start to come in soon...I scary??
Anyway the Mooselets are away with their Dad on a boat on the Norfolk Broads, hopefully getting better weather than us up here. So I'm making the most of the free time (as we are on school hols already) and beavering away like crazy.

Monday, 23 May 2011

May mayhem

Well, another age since my last post. Been a good month so far, work busy (as always), more great press, more in the pipeline and Open Studios. About to move house....again :(

This time however the last time for a while. Looking forward to getting in and putting MY stamp on the space (the mooselets will roll their eyes!)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Feb...oops now March

Well, it's been a busy month.
The fabulous new Bluebird in Glasgow's West End has been displaying and taking orders of stuffyourdoodles.
I quickly popped through to the SECC in Glasgow to help a friend source stock for her new shop at the January Trade Fair, more news about that VERY soon - exciting.
I went to my first ice hockey match with the boys, which was very fast, fun and furious.
More amazing press in Maxi magazine Germany and
A few doodles headed north to Orkney for their "Summer Holiday" production, which was a great success, despite the appalling weather nearly scuppering the delivery.
Thank goodness the lighter days are coming....Spring definitely in the air.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

January....not the blues

Life good and still whizzing on after the Christmas madness. The snow has melted and everything now flooded, but we are all moving...just! Unfortunately after all the snow, Christmas and general lethargy, the 'flu struck. The slowest start to a year ever. But, we are roaring into 2011, a fabulous meeting in London with the best marketing guru there is, working with Orkney theatre, press with EasyLiving, Maxi in Germany, the website going into revamp and the ongoing loveliness that is Bang on the Door and samples of work that we have done with them....rock on 2011!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

1/11/11 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hallo is anyone out there?? Blimey Nora, been 4 months since my last post...but in my defence, I have been pretty busy. Moving house, oldest puppy starting secondary school, major personal upheaval (no don't ask) and the usual Christmas MANIA. But..we are back, rested..ish, and ready, really ready for 2011. Very excited about this year, it is going to be great. It has started off in the most amazing way and long may it continue. Thankyou to everyone who supported the Moose throughout 2010.... including Artful Adventures, Newslite TV, Avantages, Sew Hip, Cool Mum Hunting, Saga magazine, Baby Jungle, Ethics Girls, STV, Shopping at Ashleys, The Observer, The Green Parent, Prima, Comment ca va bien? and many more. More crazy creations to come this exciting! Above a few images from the Tales from the Sock Drawer exhibition that is currently running at the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Lincolnshire.