Sunday, 23 January 2011

January....not the blues

Life good and still whizzing on after the Christmas madness. The snow has melted and everything now flooded, but we are all moving...just! Unfortunately after all the snow, Christmas and general lethargy, the 'flu struck. The slowest start to a year ever. But, we are roaring into 2011, a fabulous meeting in London with the best marketing guru there is, working with Orkney theatre, press with EasyLiving, Maxi in Germany, the website going into revamp and the ongoing loveliness that is Bang on the Door and samples of work that we have done with them....rock on 2011!

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Kitschnbake said...

Easy Living is my secret guilty pleasure that I have treated myself to since I quit smoking 8yrs ago. A fair exchange for the cash I felt! Well done, brilliant to see you in there.