Sunday, 26 August 2012

Summer holidays

Well, it seems like a distant memory. I know the rest of the country is preparing to go back to school for the Autumn term, when we are heading into our third week....!
Anyway, we did have a lovely summer, with a week in Cornwall for the Jubilee week early on, a bit wet (that was a given everywhere this year), but much warmer than Scotland.
We had a week in London for the Olympics. This was the best fun and such an amazing opportunity for all of us. We saw handball, wrestling, Mo Farah & Tom Daley which meant we screamed, cried and Mexican waved. It really was an experience like no other and the atmosphere and organisation was superb.
 A trip to Brighton brought retail therapy, good food and Choccywoccydoodah and later in the week we caught up with friends from Chicago who were visiting the Cotswolds, and a fun trip to Giffords Circus, good food and chat.

Life has returned to our normal pace (whatever that is...full speed usually) and our southern sojourn a world away.....

Monday, 6 August 2012

Summer Catch Up

Life just scoots on by doesn't it and then you realise that you haven't blogged for a while! Things busy as usual for us here, with loads going on. We are near the end of our summer holidays, it still takes me by surprise, having come through the English school system, I still think it is August, returning in September, but August 15th everyone is back into the Autumn (!) term.
We have had a hectic time, Moose Towers still bustling with orders, and outside of that decorating in the Moose house, needle felting, print classes and trips away.
The panda is the first needlefelting experiment that G made, a great success, though he doesn't have legs (and I don't think he will gaining any). He has also made a selection of eyeballs (he has his mother's warped sense of fun) and I think a hare maybe next....

A quick snapshot into Lynsey Jean Henderson's studio where I did a day long screen print class. This is something I have been meaning to try again, as I last did it many moons ago at college. We were given a quick tutorial and then left to get on with printing with Lynsey giving advice where needed. It was great to experiment with colours, techniques and various designs on paper, fabric, T-shirts, bags or whatever we could lay our hands on....and get in a real mess too! Great fun.

We are currently away in the south of the country catching up with old friends and going to the Olympics, which we have been avidly listening to....more blogging about all of that on our return.