Sunday, 26 August 2012

Summer holidays

Well, it seems like a distant memory. I know the rest of the country is preparing to go back to school for the Autumn term, when we are heading into our third week....!
Anyway, we did have a lovely summer, with a week in Cornwall for the Jubilee week early on, a bit wet (that was a given everywhere this year), but much warmer than Scotland.
We had a week in London for the Olympics. This was the best fun and such an amazing opportunity for all of us. We saw handball, wrestling, Mo Farah & Tom Daley which meant we screamed, cried and Mexican waved. It really was an experience like no other and the atmosphere and organisation was superb.
 A trip to Brighton brought retail therapy, good food and Choccywoccydoodah and later in the week we caught up with friends from Chicago who were visiting the Cotswolds, and a fun trip to Giffords Circus, good food and chat.

Life has returned to our normal pace (whatever that is...full speed usually) and our southern sojourn a world away.....

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