Saturday, 18 September 2010


Went to see Salt tonight with a friend...good, fast movie, came out of it exhausted! Angelina is a beautiful woman, but sometimes the over emphasis on her beautiful pouty lips and BIG brown eyes, is just...overemphasis.
Been a busy week, making, sending orders and working at the routines, all needing a bit of getting used to. We'll get there. Things starting to get in motion for the end of year "C" word...eeeek!

Monday, 13 September 2010

End of summer?

We are getting a real cross section of weather at the moment, some beautiful, warm sunny days, immediately followed by torrential rain and howling wind. Not posted for a been busy and I've been helping out at a local gallery too. Pop in if you're passing Work picking up, as people rolling back into all and starting to think about that thing that happens in December - can't bear to say the word, have already used it far too much already...only September!!

Long walks on local beaches with the dogs have been a must on good days. The boys have been "zorbing" on water at Falkirk, when camping with their Dad. Crazy doodles flying out of the studio - literally, a plane for Virgin and a grumpy girl who moaned all the way to Sydney!

Some exciting projects in the pipeline, which I am really looking forward to working on...more news soon. Good to have some great projects coming up, especially when everything has been packing up on me, computer, dogs having accidents, operations...grrrr.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

wee mee

Good week, friend up from the south...and her boys, so an abundance of testosterone in the house. Luckily another female joining the mix tomorrow to sort of even it out. We opted out of the ubiquitous IKEA visit...probably wise. Huge amounts of food and wine being consumed and much mud and mess, who is responsible for which not sure yet. We had a zapzone party today for my 10 x 11/12 year-olds there....but the easiest ever, as you turn up, turf them out, drink coffee, natter and they return hot, pink, sweaty and hungry. They get fed and watered, given cake and a party bag and you pile home. Just wear earplugs for the HYPER journey home & you're sorted! My 2 back at school next week, which I am looking forward to. I think I need the routine more than them sometimes! Anyway, I have been transformed into an i-phone weemee, by the lovely J! Not very like me, but me liking...especiallly the tongue hanging out!! 

Friday, 6 August 2010


summer holidays nearly at an end...and the weather feels cooler, how mad is that, when the rest of Europe is cooking? Anyway, have had a piece, un petit morceau, in Avantage magazine (Aug issue) can't seem to upload the pdf...but looks good! Also the fab Chris Robson took some shots of the studio for Visit Scotland. (see above). Friends coming to visit next week from down south...exciting!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Well, the summer's here..but the sun has gone. I can't believe 2 more weeks and the boys are back at school. S going up to "BIIG" school, and G into year 5. It has zoomed past and we have done loads, and this week I am free, as they have gone off with their dad camping. So I trying to utilise my time as best I can and not just whirl about in my own space!! We had a lovely week in Oban, walking, fishing, reading and just chilling. The weather was good for the West Coast, as it can be wet, sunsets to die for, jellyfish spotting and catching mackerel. Back home and work still coming through, not as manic as usual (summer), but I had to do some crazy puffins for the BBC in a very short time frame and more online sites and orders. I will give details when they all go live. I have been on some long walks with the dogs; all the rosebay willowherb out at the moment, a weed I know, but the most beautiful pink. One day we saw red squirrels fighting in a tree (hence the pic of dogs looking perplexed up into the tree!), and one actually fell out to the ground...the weirdest sight! Today I managed to finally cover some vintage directors chairs, that have been sitting around for ages, being eaten by mice, a project for me...yay! 

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The mysterious case of the midnight sun..well almost

These long balmy evenings have been so amazing...even up here in the wilds of Scotland. Crazy going to bed, when it looks like you should be getting up outside...or was I just horribly late?? Anyway, trundled off to Kirkcaldy at the weekend, dragged small boys with me, and it was a fabulously sunny day, lovely location, amazing exhibitors and tea, scones, fashion show, balloons, juggler, small giraffe and general mayhem. Not many punters through the door, which was a massive shame and quite frankly their loss...but a good day had by all. The small terrrier beast still causing mayhem, but we love her, despite her excitement towards anything mobile and noisy (including small boys). The rain came today, so I s'pose that's us back to the usual Scottish least it'll all be green and 20 foot tall in the garden! Doodles still trotting out the door...some exciting proposals & possible jobs coming through at the moment, which is VEEERY delumptious. The doodles seem to be breeding everytime I turn my back there is another one..must be the rain....

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Happy Canada Day!

I'm not Canadian, but I've had a lot of press Happy Canada day guys! Really, it's appalling, I haven't posted a bean since April...slacker....well, not really, just manic and blogging seems to drop off the spectrum sometimes when you are living life!! BUT, things are fab here at Moose Towers. We had a FABULOUS Open Studios in May. Seems an age away, and onto planning the next-aaargh! Loads of press, through Kilgraston School's  "Habit" magazine, Sew Hip (issue 17), The Green Parent (june/july), Prima (July) and . More press and weblinks up and coming. The weather has been amazing, thankyou, after such a COLD winter, so lots of barbecues, walks and just sitting in the sun. The crazy puppy a real sunworshipper and so happy when crashed on your lap in the sun snoozing. Everyone happy and looking tanned, healthy and happy. School holidays start tomorrow....7 weeks. My wee boy going up to secondary school in August (still can't get my head round the early summer)....and needing to revamp the house totally! 

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Busy month...lots of travelling, lots of fun. Went to Kids Modern in Dulwich, which was great, quiet, as it was a super sunny day, and every self respecting Londoner was giving it large in the park...but glad I went. Bright and shiny day and spent it with my fab friends from Winters Moon, who have the most AMAZING retro products (see above!). Usual chaos in the studio with orders and stuff going out...crazy balloon guy who travelled south. And, just to add to the chaos, I have a new member to the Moose clan...young Piper...who I think will run rings round all of us!! 

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Crazy week

I have a week free in the Easter holidays...unheard of! Trying to really focus and work on upcoming shows and not just whirl in circles wondering why it's soo quiet. Been having the odd "I want to come home" phone call, but the boys have been to the zoo, The Natural History Museum, on an Easter Egg hunt....lucky things. Anyway, I'm getting stuff ready for Kids Modern and a prelim meeting this weekend for an exhibition later in the year (very exciting...). Had a FAB weekend in New York 2 weekends ago with a good friend....just a few days away with BA. Was hoping to get stranded...but being served tea by the pilots was as exciting as the flights got (and back to back movies!). I love that city so much, and could live there in a minute, but not with little ones at the moment. We went to the Tim Burton exhibition at MOMA, which we went round twice it was SO busy...but fantastic. The guy is totally nuts and a genius..a real hero of mine. We walked miles at the weekend...saw loads, including Macy's flower festival (hence bunny pic), and, met with a friend from Washington. Good time had by all.
Then back to the UK.....and nuts hail, sleet, snow and brrrrgh. Easter?? Straight back to I'd never been away. Oh, and thanks yesterday to Yahoo France for the mention. Knew nothing about it, but the website went nuts for a while! 

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Excited Moose!

Well, I'm still running, not completely up the hills, but I'll get there. Feeling GOOD on it. Busy week, my last teaching at Haydays for a while. Had a mention on Anorak magazine's Twittering. Also am being promoted through Signal 1 radio all this week. They are running a doodle competition, free doodle for 1 lucky person. Scottish Woman magazine finally out, with a big feature on Fife and all it has to offer, including our Open Studios event and LucyMoose. Another doodle went to Virgin for their Vroom competition. Looks a bit Christmassy, but hey ho. Very excited and frantically packing and organising other half, kids, dog & rabbit, as I'm away for a few days with a friend to New York. Lists, lists and more lists of what everyone is doing...when, where and how! Flying with BA so hopefully it'll all run smoothly, if we do get stranded, hopefully it'll be the NY end!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More blogging?

Well, I'm determined to be more regular in my "blogging",  just find by the time I sit down of an evening I can barely string 2 words together, let alone write in straight lines. It's been a good week or so. I have been sending doodles all over the place....2 to the lovely Emma, author of belgianwaffling and had a mention on kickcan and conkers
Meant to have some press coming out in a Scottish magazine, but not out yet...late to press maybe. Been doing a few other press bits and pieces and the usual doodle teaching at local clubs and schools. The weather has been pretty awesome recently, so dog walks have been a real treat....not so sure about the hill running that I have said yes to though. Give it 6 weeks I've been told, then it all becomes a doddle mmmmmm.....
My amazing decals turned up today from Decor excited. Looking forward to revamping everything. Having a major clearout. Hard, but cathartic. (Need to paint first grrrr)
Finished a few weeks business telecoaching with Real Coaching Solutions - great to get some forward focus and momentum with life and work. Highly recommended! 

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Great few days...sorting out PR and new directions. Fabulous sunny day, chatting to C and actually took my coat off sitting outside in the sun!! We all toddled off to see Alice in Wonderland 3D..just the BEST movie. Tim Burton a genius I think...this proved that. Packed cinema...good to see, great atmosphere and everyone seemed to love it. Though where has this, oooh the credits are rolling, quick run out of the cinema mentality come from. Does no one sit to the end anymore? Looks like my summer plans for the boys coming together and we will get to spend some time with old friends, just chilling and the boys with their mates that they haven't seen for ages, exciting. Great long walk with friends and the dog on the beach and got close to a seal colony. I have heard about them before, but never seen. Beautiful but smelly! Ikea today...getting a few bits for the house and work....SO busy, why did I go on a Sunday...thought it would be quiet..haha! Tired and need to get motivated for next week, lots ahead. 

Monday, 1 March 2010

Long chilly walk with the dog at the weekend. Great to blow the cobwebs away. S been ill and restless for about 3 days, good to get out. Work still ticking along...planning for an exhibition at the end of the year. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Just finished some huge duck costumes, that headed to the World Mobile Phone Congress in Barcelona. Good fun and much laughter putting them together. Still absolutely Baltic in the Northern wastes, but lots coming up and much planning needed....before it all sneaks up on me.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Small trickles of weak sun coming through into the studio. Amazing how pale it looks when you see the doesn't seem like that at the time. Snow melting and now going black and yuk. Looks like the promised weekend of sledging may not happen, disappointed boys! Orders coming in and going out...some small, some BIG and fairly daunting! New challenges. Certain doodles seem to be breeding, must be Spring in the air.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My fabulous Paumes books arrived yesterday from the lovely Yvonne at Yvestown. All in Japanese, but really doesn't matter, so inspirational. I'm totally inspired to redecorate...if it wasn't so bloomin' cold. All the snow has frozen and gone sludgey and it's now rainy. Such a shame, it was so crisp and magical for a few weeks. 
This strange girl is hanging around for a while in the studio. She came for Christmas and decided that she liked it so much, she would stay longer. She does chat a lot, but we have a giggle whilst I'm working, and she drags her bunny around the studio. 

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Been back at work for a week now, but think it will kick off properly tomorrow...have the feeling that people are REALLY back into the groove then. Still submerged in snow, which is FAB! Loving it. We've managed to pack in some wicked sledging in the past couple of weeks (bruises to prove it!). Jan is proving to be super busy already, which is great. Think this is going to be a bonkers year.