Tuesday, 10 August 2010

wee mee

Good week, friend up from the south...and her boys, so an abundance of testosterone in the house. Luckily another female joining the mix tomorrow to sort of even it out. We opted out of the ubiquitous IKEA visit...probably wise. Huge amounts of food and wine being consumed and much mud and mess, who is responsible for which not sure yet. We had a zapzone party today for my oldest..so 10 x 11/12 year-olds there....but the easiest ever, as you turn up, turf them out, drink coffee, natter and they return hot, pink, sweaty and hungry. They get fed and watered, given cake and a party bag and you pile home. Just wear earplugs for the HYPER journey home & you're sorted! My 2 back at school next week, which I am looking forward to. I think I need the routine more than them sometimes! Anyway, I have been transformed into an i-phone weemee, by the lovely J! Not very like me, but me liking...especiallly the tongue hanging out!! 

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