Monday, 13 September 2010

End of summer?

We are getting a real cross section of weather at the moment, some beautiful, warm sunny days, immediately followed by torrential rain and howling wind. Not posted for a been busy and I've been helping out at a local gallery too. Pop in if you're passing Work picking up, as people rolling back into all and starting to think about that thing that happens in December - can't bear to say the word, have already used it far too much already...only September!!

Long walks on local beaches with the dogs have been a must on good days. The boys have been "zorbing" on water at Falkirk, when camping with their Dad. Crazy doodles flying out of the studio - literally, a plane for Virgin and a grumpy girl who moaned all the way to Sydney!

Some exciting projects in the pipeline, which I am really looking forward to working on...more news soon. Good to have some great projects coming up, especially when everything has been packing up on me, computer, dogs having accidents, operations...grrrr.

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