Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Well, the summer's here..but the sun has gone. I can't believe 2 more weeks and the boys are back at school. S going up to "BIIG" school, and G into year 5. It has zoomed past and we have done loads, and this week I am free, as they have gone off with their dad camping. So I trying to utilise my time as best I can and not just whirl about in my own space!! We had a lovely week in Oban, walking, fishing, reading and just chilling. The weather was good for the West Coast, as it can be wet, sunsets to die for, jellyfish spotting and catching mackerel. Back home and work still coming through, not as manic as usual (summer), but I had to do some crazy puffins for the BBC in a very short time frame and more online sites and orders. I will give details when they all go live. I have been on some long walks with the dogs; all the rosebay willowherb out at the moment, a weed I know, but the most beautiful pink. One day we saw red squirrels fighting in a tree (hence the pic of dogs looking perplexed up into the tree!), and one actually fell out to the ground...the weirdest sight! Today I managed to finally cover some vintage directors chairs, that have been sitting around for ages, being eaten by mice, a project for me...yay! 

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