Tuesday, 16 March 2010

More blogging?

Well, I'm determined to be more regular in my "blogging",  just find by the time I sit down of an evening I can barely string 2 words together, let alone write in straight lines. It's been a good week or so. I have been sending doodles all over the place....2 to the lovely Emma, author of belgianwaffling and had a mention on kickcan and conkers
Meant to have some press coming out in a Scottish magazine, but not out yet...late to press maybe. Been doing a few other press bits and pieces and the usual doodle teaching at local clubs and schools. The weather has been pretty awesome recently, so dog walks have been a real treat....not so sure about the hill running that I have said yes to though. Give it 6 weeks I've been told, then it all becomes a doddle mmmmmm.....
My amazing decals turned up today from Decor Designs....so excited. Looking forward to revamping everything. Having a major clearout. Hard, but cathartic. (Need to paint first grrrr)
Finished a few weeks business telecoaching with Real Coaching Solutions - great to get some forward focus and momentum with life and work. Highly recommended! 

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