Sunday, 7 March 2010


Great few days...sorting out PR and new directions. Fabulous sunny day, chatting to C and actually took my coat off sitting outside in the sun!! We all toddled off to see Alice in Wonderland 3D..just the BEST movie. Tim Burton a genius I think...this proved that. Packed cinema...good to see, great atmosphere and everyone seemed to love it. Though where has this, oooh the credits are rolling, quick run out of the cinema mentality come from. Does no one sit to the end anymore? Looks like my summer plans for the boys coming together and we will get to spend some time with old friends, just chilling and the boys with their mates that they haven't seen for ages, exciting. Great long walk with friends and the dog on the beach and got close to a seal colony. I have heard about them before, but never seen. Beautiful but smelly! Ikea today...getting a few bits for the house and work....SO busy, why did I go on a Sunday...thought it would be quiet..haha! Tired and need to get motivated for next week, lots ahead. 

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