Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Excited Moose!

Well, I'm still running, not completely up the hills, but I'll get there. Feeling GOOD on it. Busy week, my last teaching at Haydays for a while. Had a mention on Anorak magazine's Twittering. Also am being promoted through Signal 1 radio all this week. They are running a doodle competition, free doodle for 1 lucky person. Scottish Woman magazine finally out, with a big feature on Fife and all it has to offer, including our Open Studios event and LucyMoose. Another doodle went to Virgin for their Vroom competition. Looks a bit Christmassy, but hey ho. Very excited and frantically packing and organising other half, kids, dog & rabbit, as I'm away for a few days with a friend to New York. Lists, lists and more lists of what everyone is doing...when, where and how! Flying with BA so hopefully it'll all run smoothly, if we do get stranded, hopefully it'll be the NY end!!

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