Sunday, 30 October 2011

October news

Just quickly before our big exciting news tomorrow.....
It's been a busy month and things are really hotting up for Christmas, orders steadily coming in, this will getting more and more manic as we move into November.
Anyway, we were really excited to take part in Cupar Arts Festival with a window of LucyMoose madness in the Maisie and Mac gallery. There was an exhibition in the gallery based on drawing, including the work of Clare Knox Bentham too, who does huge crazy drawings in glue......

We have had some lovely sunny days and getting out with the boys and dogs in the holidays was good fun, if cold! We are all a bit Halloween mad in this house, so we have had carved pumpkins on the go for a week now....we are on the second round! Also soup, curry, roasted seeds, pie etc etc!

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