Thursday, 19 February 2009

Edinburgh & snow

Not logged in for a while, and everything changed so much in that time! Last week crazy super sledging snow. Went with the boys (half term last week) & snuck over a farmer's fence to a BIG hill, that was a blinding slope to sledge down. 2 sledges, 3 of us, lots of fighting over who goes next & lots of mess when we all went down together - especially to stop ourselves before the barbed wire/electric fence at the bottom! Didn't stay long, as G wasn't in waterproof/snow gear, so he was totally freezing and wet, also the dog was waiting (shivering) on the other side of the fence. 
My comic relief noses turned up for the boys. No doubt they will be trashed by the day, but want to get them in the mood....I'm very tempted to dye my hair pink for the event, as a fundraiser...
This time last week, knee deep in snow, now really mild and lose a layer type of weather. Strange! 
Spent yesterday in Edinburgh at the Stills Gallery, work networking/mentoring thing. Very inspiring and motivating. Lots of potential work stuff to attack. Very exciting! Great city, I always feel so inspired when I go there. I'm always amazed how somewhere so close is so cosmopolitan, when we live 40 mins away TOTALLY in the sticks!

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