Saturday, 7 February 2009

Valentine Barbies

My studio window finished and hung - with only a week to Valentine's...will leave it up after.....Not exactly a heaving metropolis outside, but good to mix it up a bit. Hope no one takes a detour by car into my garden trying to see it properly. Pictures not so great as sunny day behind and loads of reflection. 
Good day, love the weekend, no up early and out, rustling bouncy children into uniform and coats, but I seem to swither and find it hard to get into my rhythm! 
House full of very boisterous boys today....pillow fights, sofas dismantled, x-box, soldiers and NOISE!!! 
I keep discovering buckets, trugs and flowerpots full of frozen action figures and cars. The boys are fascinated with freezing at the moment. We haven't had the huge amounts of snow they have down best thing I suppose.  


juliapete said...

that'll cause a stir in muchty!

Littlelou said...

Look forward to seeing this next time I'm in Muchty (a native now living in Kirkcaldy)

Mindy-chan said...

having a doodle is so cool i wish i've had one. but i wonder if it needs money

Mindy-chan said...

can anyone pls tell me if it needs money? please

juliapete said...

Yup Mindy-chan they do cost money, well worth it though....from one happy customer!