Thursday, 5 February 2009

Petrol & post!

Why do people never make things easy for you?? Drove to the middle of nowhere dog walking, Mr Moose had left the tank on 0, of course, but car then reading fuel=miles=0. Joy! Luckily made it to the nearest station to refill. Visions of me tromping through subzero temp to beg, steal or borrow fuel from a kindly local. I did have my hose in my pocket, failing that (pnaar).
Then hooved to the next town because the postie can't leave mail at the local P.O. for you to collect, but has to take it 10 miles away, so you have to make a round trip daily to pick up your parcels, and you know how hard it is to wait for parcels... (Is the cold making me excessively grumpy?). It really was worth picking up, sexy Steve Madden leather studded jacket I've just got off ebay....just need the weather to crawl over double figures and then I can wear it...not for a while then!
Still finished a big order today, that has been lingering for a while - hurrah, and am decorating my studio window with big fat hearts and Barbie's with wings for Valentines. I know everyone has been talking about it since the beginning of Jan...but still, it's there. 
Cracking sunset tonight - hung out of the window in the roof to catch it....wouldn't that be fab...just slide the sun into my pocket for later....


Sharon said...

Hi! Am I your first comment? Very excited! What is so difficult about men putting petrol in the tank?! (Loving the sound of decorating with Barbies-fab idea!)

Littlelou said...

Loving the Russian dolls..I collect them. Must hint to my mum (in Muchty) to nip doon and purchase me a little lady