Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Boys on half term, they get 3 days off - wow! Why not make it the whole week? Been making hama bead creations. Never made my own before-very exciting! G made a pig & I did a moose (though looks more like Rudolph), to go around my neck. First day of the holidays not very good, the boys seem to have made a pact to kill each other by sundown, so I took them up the woods for a big walk with the dog so they could vent their spleen on trees, sticks and big bits of ice. Kind of worked for a bit... 
I'm sure I'm regressing as I get older. Just a refusal to act as an adult, nothing new really. Am VERY excited, my new toy turned up 2 days' ago - a hula hoop! I have never been able to do it, so I thought, why not learn now? I ordered myself one online the other day from the very fabulous hoola hoop company, black and pink striped!.....and I have mastered it....well I can keep it on my hips/waist for a fair few rotations, before it crashes to the floor. And my God, what hard work. Literally 2 minutes and I'm puffing!! Determined to get good at it. 
I have also signed up to run another 10K. Ran one last year, loved it, and a friend asked if I wanted to do another this June, so I said yes, as you do, without thinking! I've got 3 and a half months to get my bum in gear. Should be OK, just the thought of going out on these cold mornings...brrrrr. 
At least the snowdrops are appearing in the garden, and the nights are slowly becoming lighter....hurrah. So they cycle begins again! 

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